Wayfair Unleashes Archie & Oscar Exclusive Line of Furniture and Accessories for Pets

Wayfair Inc. (NYSE:W), one of the world’s largest online destinations for the home, today launched Archie & Oscar, a new Wayfair-exclusive line of furniture and household accessories for pets. Available now at Wayfair in the U.S. and Canada, Archie & Oscar features more than 500 unique and stylish items ranging from aquariums and gerbil cages, to food and toy storage containers, to outdoor chaise lounges and murphy beds thoughtfully designed for dogs and cats.

Wayfair unleashes Archie & Oscar, exclusive line of furniture and accessories for pets.

“For many Wayfair customers, pets play an integral role in the notion of home and family, often spending just as much time on the furniture as their owners. We’re excited for this new offering of affordable and fun solutions that make the home more pet-friendly,” said Steve Oblak, chief merchandising officer, Wayfair. “With Archie & Oscar, Wayfair customers will find everything they need to create a comfortable home that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.”

To develop the line, Wayfair consulted pet experts to curate a collection that provides shoppers with a variety of products and styles that can easily match their existing decor. With options ranging from a modern sofa lounger with clean lines, to a traditional wooden coffee table with a built-in bottom bunk bed, Archie & Oscar furnishings add personality to any space without compromising on style.

To celebrate the launch of Archie & Oscar, members of the Wayfair Pet Squad, a network of influential animal stars, have provided their paw-of-approval on their favorites finds from the new line.

Pet Squad Picks

Envy, Zain and Trek: Trio of huggable Border Collies who are most recognizable for their affectionate poses.
Dominic Ecoflex Murphy Pillow Dog Bed
Wall Pet Station Organizer
Dionne Double Bowl Elevated Feeder

Lionel The Hedgehog: A resident of Charleston, South Carolina, this African Pygmy hedgehog loves selfies and rattan Peacock chairs.
Darrius Wood Dog Bed
Ceramic Pet Treat Jar
100% Cotton Toy Bin

Nala the Cat: This seven-year-old rescue Siamese/Tabby mix is a Guinness World Records holder for “Most Popular Cat on Instagram” based on number of followers.
Fran Modular Cat Tree
Alfie Litter Box End Table
Foxy 2 Piece Cat Perch Set

Tibby the Corgi: A resident of Ontario, this Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is full of fluff and smiles is nuts for peanut butter and colorful furniture to snooze on.
Lula Entryway Dog Bed
Angelica Puppy Paws Cotton Pet Mat
Apollo Sophisticated Decorative Dog Love Seat with Curved Back

Venus the Two Face Cat: Known as the two-face cat, this rescue feline is famous for its distinct facial markings; one half is solid black with a green eye—the other is orange striped with a blue eye.
Blanca Scratching Post
Dobbs Cat Bed
Algonquin 60″ Modern Folding Cat Tree

To view the Archie & Oscar collection on Wayfair and learn more, go to: Wayfair Archie & Oscar


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